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Want to enrich a good relationship. 

Are beginning a relationship and want to keep it Are in an unsatisfactory relationship and want to resolve long-standing difficulties Are near break-up or divorce and want to decide if the relationship can be saved.

Venerable Dhammasiri Monk

What do I want to put out to the world right now? 

Fear, panic, dread, anxiety? Or unconditional love, joy, forgiveness, kindness, patience.

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Imago Africa Conference
We are literally glowing in anticipation and excitement as we look forward to the Science of Human Connection Conference. We are very curious about what you humans are going to learn from each other, and how you are going to experience human connection. If you need any ideas about connection from the experts, including Emeritus Professor Kit-Kat, our advice is free!
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Imago therapy
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Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of couples therapy that focuses on relational counseling that transforms a conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal. IRT is accessible for all partners in romantic relationships, no matter the sexual orientation

Developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt in 1980

Getting the Love You Want has helped millions of couples attain more loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationships.

Imago teaches that relationship power-struggles are an opportunity for healing and growth and can establish a deeper connection for couples. When you learn how to move through conflict with compassion and empathy, disagreements in your relationship evolve into something deeper and more fulfilling.

Learn Energy Healing for a healthy life

Energy Healing is an approach of healthcare the aims to eliminate blockages and adjusts the energy flow in the Aura and the Chakra of the body.

Energy is the LIFE FORCE that keeps the body ALIVE. It is the fundamental life force that flows through all and everything
It is everywhere and omnipresent around us; we are actually in an ocean of vital energy.

Energy healing is a traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. 

This technique works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being. 

It is used to treat various medical conditions, especially ailments related to mental health.